'MIXER' are four experienced musicians from the Midlands who really get a 'buzz' from playing live music. 


Read a little more about each member below: 





Colin - Drums and Vocals 


Colin was born in Birmingham and started playing drums way back when God was a lad (in the early 60's) and had the good fortune of playing with 'The Applejacks' and Susan Maughan at the ATV Studios in Aston.  

After a 25 year break he picked up a pair of sticks bought himself a 'kit' (Premier of course!), formed a band and has continued strong ever since.

He has played with Steve Gibbons, Shel MacRae (Fourtunes),Mike Sheriden,The Mustard Band and Unit 4+2. 

Drumming influences are the late great Keith Moon (The Who) and the very much alive Bobby Elliot (The Hollies). (The old'uns really are the best!).  

Colin is one of a rare breed of quality singing drummers - it might be a good idea to listen for yourself!




Paul - Keyboards and Vocals

Paul, also Birmingham-born, started playing keyboards after he discovered he could get someone to pump his dad's accordion leaving his two hands free.  Trouble was, when he bought an organ, it took him two years before he stopped lying on his side to play it!!

He spent a great many years doing the clubs with 'Street Corner', 'The Tyler Brown Band' and 'Misty' before taking a 10 year break.  Like Colin, his passion was woken after he treated himself to a new Yamaha Tyros, then a chance meeting with Colin saw him back doing what he loves best.

His time "on the 'boards" saw him rubbing shoulders with 'Freddie and the Dreamers', a very young Duncan Norvelle (Chase Me! Chase Me!) and Elvis Costello's dad, Ross McManus (class act).

Paul has recently treated himself to a brand new Yamaha Tyros 4 and has now become the full orchestral section of the band - listen to Mixer's version of Mr Blue Sky to see what we mean!



Keith - Guitar and Vocals

Keith, too, is Birmingham born. The youngster of the band first picked up a guitar at 4 and by 7 in the evening was doing his first 'live' gig at Yardley Infants. After a few experiments with an old acoustic guitar and some headphones he was happily playing along to Status Quo (the mind boggles).

At 16 he owned his first electric guitar and joined the first of many bands. During these early years he was privileged to play along side the renowned drummer and musician Ian Danter, their self penned songs earning them a live session at Pebble Mill for Radio WM.

Giving up dreams of Rock Superstardom, Keith has been busy playing with Stadium Rock tribute band 'Americana'. His past bands are; 'Special Guests', 'Dangerous Games', '004', 'Straightjacket', 'Parallel9' and 'Wild Turkey'. He has also admitted to sleeping with his beloved '94' Gibson 'Les Paul' (good job he ain't a drummer!!). 

Keith has listed his influences as SRV (Stevie Ray Vaughan), Mark Knopfler (Dire Straits), Gary Moore (Thin Lizzy), Alex Lifeson (Rush) and most recently Joe Bonamassa. 




Mick - Bass Guitar


Birmingham born Mick has been playing Bass since he was 15 and has come a long way in the couple of years since then. His first band, 'Loch Lomond and the Trossachs' were definitely the biggest band in Hall Green at the time, and after that Mick went on to play with Redditch bands 'Back to Back' and 'Easy Street'. 

After a 16 year rest (kids 'n' things) The Bug bit again, with Mick joining a local rock covers band 'Trillian' and more latterly Stourbridge based 'Permission to Rock'.   He has never played with anyone famous but was once in the same room as Robert Plant... how cool is that!!

He was the latest addition to the current Mixer line up and has recently notched up 4 years' service - a personal record and an indication of how well they all get on together! 

Mick lists his influences as Geddy Lee (Rush), Roger Waters (Pink Floyd), and pretty much anyone who can noodle well on a Bass.